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Blue Nile specializes in healthy food prepared from scratch using only the highest-quality natural ingredients. At Blue Nile, you’ll be sure to find a fresh, healthy meal for an affordable price right in the heart of Jamaica Plain, MA.

Attention Vendors

At Marathon Foods, we are passionate about offering products made from only the healthiest, and most natural ingredients. We serve locally in two capacities; we have our Blue Nile Restaurant, located centrally in Jamaica Plain`s Hyde Square on Centre Street. We also package some of our finest fresh Ethiopian food for sale at local markets through our company, Marathon Foods, LLC.

Marathon Foods Offers:

Vegan, vegetarian, and health conscious friendly
Retail packaging
Fresh ingredients made from scratch
Competitive pricing
Our foods are low in fat and contain significantly less gluten
Locally made and packaged

Our authentic Ethiopian cuisine is always made fresh and now you can enjoy all these flavors whenever you want! Call us today to set up an appointment and review our wholesale pricing.

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Sarah C.

I took my kids here for an early dinner tonight. There was no wait (Tuesday at 5:45pm). We got a table by the beautiful big windows. The waitress came right over and greeted us. We ordered the vegetarian combo for 2. The amount of food was great. Honestly, I couldn't stop eating I felt so full but not in a bad way. The food was so fresh and satisfying to all of us. Even my 4 yo LOVED it here. I think he took a special liking to our beautiful waitress. She was fantastic, engaging and helpful. We will certainly return.


Willa D.

Blue Nile is a great local option. I came here on a Thursday around 6 and it was pretty empty at that point.The service was very friendly. Our waitress helped my friend and I decide what to order, and we were both pleased with our food. My friend ordered the chicken combo and I ordered the spicy beef combo. They came with a generous portion of injera to share. I'm not super experienced with Ethiopian food, but I loved what I had.I ordered the honey wine, but they have other wine and a beer selection. The honey wine tasted like persimmon to me. It was sweet, but still tasted fresh and balanced. As our time went by, the place definitely filled up, but our waitress remained pretty attentive. Neither of us could finish our food; we definitely overestimated our ability to consume the injera!Definitely recommend this place and plan to return.


Lynne L.

Cute, cozy place with pretty decor.We had lamb and an assortment of vegetarian dishes. All so good. My favorites were the lamb and the mixed carrot and green bean veggie dish (sounds boring but was not at all).Eating with your hands is a fun date night activity!Locally made honey wine, sweet without being cloyingThoughtful, friendly, attentive service and helpful suggestions for ordering.  Our server suggested we combine a vegetarian player and a meat dish. This was perfect for two hungry people and it allowed us to try many dishes. We couldn't quite finish it, but we did our best. Get the sambosa appetizer. Just do it. It's texturally unlike any other food I've ever had. If, like me, you believe you are not a big fan of carrots, have an open mind here. The chef makes carrots taste rich and a bit sweet.


Diana N.

What a find in JP!We were able to find street parking around 5PM on a Saturday night and were seated immediately. We ordered: lentil saladVegetarian revenge for oneMisir WetGomen Wetyatakilt wettikil gommenshiro wet Yekik AlichaLamb - Yebeg tipsAll were fantastic and flavorful. I wish we had gotten a more spicy dish or spicy sauce on the side. It's a small restaurant with about 9 tables, so if you know that you're in the mood for Ethiopian, call ahead to reserve a table. The service was attentive and kind!


Stefano P.

Living in Providence, you don't have many options for Ethiopian food. We were 'jonesin for some and we're up in Dedham, so after a quick search we decided to hit up this joint. Cute little unassuming place in Jamaica Plain. We got a parking space right on Centre street, headed in and got seated immediately. There was a good vibe, the tables were almost all taken, and by the end of our meal the place was packed. We ordered some ginger tea to share and this was plainlydelicious, and sweetened with honey. Next, we decided to do some lentil sambosa to start. When these case, much to my dismay they were spinach, and the center was still cold. Patrick looked at me as he got to the center first and asked me if the spinach was supposed to be cold. I was surprised by this question and the fact that we got a spinach sambosa rather than a lentil without warning. Next we knew we wanted 2 meats and veggies and asked what the best option would be. We were told that this was too much food for two people and that we should pick one meat and that they would give us a meat and veggie combo one one plate so we would have 6 veggies and lamb.  IMO its a bit strange for someone to tell me I am ordering too much food, but ok- we rolled with it. The good was great; wonderful flavors, tasted like a good Ethiopian meal should. The Yebeg Tibs were succulent, tender and just the right spice. The gomen wet, yatakilt wet, tikil gommen, shiro wet and misir wet were also all equally delicious. We asked for additional injara and sure enough, now that we were done eating the veggies and meat, we were looking for that chicken that we were going to order. We did. It came alone and wasn't nearly as satisfying as it would have been amalgamated with the rest. The service was good at first, and as the night progressed and tables got filled it slowed down. We waited a good 7 minutes for new injara and about 15 minutes for the check. The owner was extremely friendly and sweet. Would we do it again? Yes because of the limitations on Ethiopian food around here, but we will order what we want and we will get extra injara out of the gate.


Theresa R.

First and foremost, you feel the love as soon as you walk into the restaurant. The aromas are divine and the staff are very kind and welcoming. The flavors that my tastebuds experienced here were explosive! The red  lentils and chickpeas, the lamb, greens, and the cabbage with carrots and potatoes were all my faves while everything else was a close second place. The salad was something special dressed in the most beautiful tasting vinegarette. The injera was perfect and seemingly made from all teff grain. This place is an hour away from my house and I am often tempted to take the journey for this delightful cuisine at any given day of the week. You MUST try this place and don't even THINK about leaving without trying the honey wine!


Diana D.

This post will be broken down into three categories - 1) food, 2) service, and 3) ambiance, 4) price/ serving sizes 1) food was phenomenal. Pictured above is the vegetarian combo for 2, lega beef, and sugir wet. Included in the veggie combo for 2 was 1) misir wet, shiro wet, tikil gonmen, yatakilt wet, yekik alisha, Gomen west, and Ethiopian salad. The misidentified wet was very good and had great flavor, balanced between earthy spices and slight sweetness from the lentils. The gomem wet was also delicious, chalk full of flavor! All of the others were still great, but more plain to the palate. What was the absolute Star was the braised beefs. The lega beef was steak simmered in a light curry sauce and the other was similar, but we opted for medium spicy. Beef remained tender and held onto all of the flavor! The injera bread was also delicious, although cold 2) service was phenomenal. They were super nice and helped navigate the menu beautifully for a table of first timers! 3) ambiance is very soft. Quite dark and not too loud. But it was heated very nicely given the cold and had soft rhythmic tunes in the background. 4) price and serving size was great. We ordered all of this between four people and had plenty of left over! It came out to be ~25 per person including tax and tip, and we all left feeling very full and satisfied. Will definitely be visiting again!


Amanda S.

I will say that the food was delicious.  We got the vegetarian revenge platter for two which came with 6 choices and an appetizer.  The food was flavorful, perfectly cooked and well portioned.The service is another story.  We ordered at 8 and the food didn't come until 8:50.  The owner/server never came up to us to apologize or update us on the wait.  We also ordered appetizers that came out with the food.  I'm sorry, but there's no excuse to leave a table without food for 50 minutes.  At bare minimum, make sure they have their appetizers if there's a delay in the kitchen.Additionally, we were four small girls and we were planning on ordering about of food.  The owner said we would be slammed with a share fee so we ended up having to order worth of food to avoid the fee.  I get that share fees are a part of a lot of restaurant business models, but ( x 2 people in our party who wanted to share a dish) is excessive.  To conclude, the food was great but not so great as to cancel out the 50 min wait and lackluster service.  I will definitely be trying other Ethiopian restaurants in the area to find my go to spot, because this was not it.


Valeria S.

I went to Blue Nile a few weeks ago in a group of three. This was a variation from my usual Lucy's Ethiopian and I was not disappointed at all. The restaurant is on the smaller side but with a lot of seating and doesn't feel crammed and is not too loud. We didn't have a reservation and didn't have to wait, not sure how the case is during the weekends though. The food was absolutely delicious. One of my friends is vegetarian so we opted for all the vegetarian options as well as some appetizers including the sambusa like dish. I wouldn't recommend that appetizer but nothing other than that was a miss. All the veggie options were cooked and flavored incredibly. I would definitely get the greens and peas options but honestly you probably can't go wrong.The only disappointing thing about this place is that they charge for sharing. We were three people and they wanted to charge us for sharing the entree between three since it's meant to be shared by two despite us ordering appetizers that pretty much equaled the cost of another entree. We just didn't want that much food or to have to much to take to go away and so we ended up talking our way out of that one. Either way, I really dislike when a place charges extra to share. Overall, I definitely would come back to this place and try their meat options and hopefully not end up having to pay to share!


Jeffrey S.

I generally like Ethiopian food, and this is the best Ethiopian food I've had.  The Injera and everything else was incredible.  We got the Vegetarian Revenge for 2. It's a great variety of six vegetarian dishes served over Injera. It's a big meal, and would probably work for 3 people.  I'd particularly recommend if you're introducing someone new to Ethiopian cuisine, as this place may be less intimidating than the other options in Boston. The negative reviews seem to focus on the service. Our experience was great in this regard, but it's a crowded restaurant with a lean staff so it wouldn't shock me if the service gets slow sometimes.


Brian S.

I have had many absolutely great experiences at this place.  I've tried most of the vegetarian options and have loved them all.  If you had told me that I would be a fan of a "lentil salad" I would have thought you crazy.  There's is a mustard-tasting-infused wonder.  I love their "Misir Wet" - a spicy red lentil dish.Their injera is wonderful and it's very good for you as breads go. The owner who is always pleasant and kind and always has a smile, no matter how crazed the place is, told me that he puts a larger percentage of Teff (about 70%) into his injera than what most Ethiopian places do.  If you don't want to eat wheat or are sensitive to it, they will make you gluten-free injera which is 100% Teff. This type of injera doesn't store as well as the one with 30% wheat but it's a great option to have.


Mio W.

The reviews for this place made me worried we were going to have the worst, slowest service ever, but at least in the end, we'd get good Ethiopian food. Maybe they read the reviews about the service and stepped up their game because we were pretty well taken care of. Our wait was about 5 minutes at around 8 PM on a Wednesday. I ordered a glass of the homemade honey wine and when I was about halfway done with it, our server came over to replace my glass because there apparently was a fly in it that I hadn't even noticed! He came back with a full glass, which I thought was very generous. Our drinks did take a while to arrive, like 20 minutes, but we weren't in a rush and thanks to Yelp, we knew what to expect, so it didn't bother us much. The wine was okay - had a bit of a vodka flavor to it, which wasn't my favorite. I'm glad I tried it, though.The food was tasty - my sister and I shared the two person Veggie Revenge platter. I will say, despite how delicious it was, it's quite pricey for what it is. One unexpected perk of my experience with becoming vegetarian was finding that the veggie options are usually really cheap. Well, this one plate shared was . And it was filling and varied, which was nice, but I could have chosen one veggie dish with similar portions for under and been totally satisfied with that. I just didn't because I wouldn't have been able to give my sister a taste if I did that - there's a ridiculous sharing fee!! What restaurant punishes their customers for sharing?! My sister's boyfriend got a beef dish (name escapes me) and he said it was yummy. That was around . We all had generous portions of injeera (spelling?) which was really great.When I got the bill, I was charged for the second glass of honey wine, which wasn't great, but to be honest, I was kinda buzzed by then and ready to go home so I didn't bother saying anything. At least it was reasonably priced at /glass. But the total with tip ended up at , which I thought was quite steep for 3 people on a Wednesday night, where 2 people shared one big veggie plate and the other was a regular-sized plate (non-veg).


Larissa S.

Long overdue review: I miss those nights when I'd walk down the street with the craves for the best Ethiopian food in Boston. Every single time I'm back home even if it's for a one-day visit I have to come for a "vegetarian revenge" at least


X X.

We've been coming here for years and love it. The food is delicious and unique. We usually get the Vegan combo for 2 and love it. Yosef and his staff are extremely nice and accomodating, however it does get busy on weekends and sometimes they seem a little short staffed. So go early or plan accordingly!


Feasting And Teachin G.

Incredible. The restaurant itself is tiny and you most definitely need to reserve a table. Make sure you get the combo, because then you can maximize the amount of items to try. It's such a unique experience here to be able to eat authentic Ethiopian food with your hands. Come here for the experience and the amazing food. And keep coming!


TJ f.

We tried Blue Nile on a Sunday night, and had a delicious meal. We had the vegetarian sampler for two (4 veggie dishes, salad, bread), all of which were excellent. The red lentils were particularly outstanding- spicy and flavorful; if the rest hadn't been so good, I would have been sad we didn't just get the full serving of lentils.Based on past reviews, we didn't know what to expect, but we experienced none of the issues mentioned below. The service was quick, the staff was attentive, the food was delicious and we walked out with leftovers and a bill that was under per person. Highly recommend.


Ladee Bugz R.

This is by far the BEST ETHIOPIAN FOOD I've EVER had. In every city I've visited, Miami, Atlanta, Houston I've had Ethiopian--- nothing tops Blue Nile Restaurant. I've also visited other Ethiopian places in Boston and this place cannot be topped.  I absolutely love the owner, Yosef and jus staff. Kind, hospitable and very courteous (and fast) service. Highly recommend this little love hub in JP. Food is fresh,  delicious always, and affordable. The injera is made by hand, in-house and cannot be matched. The tej (honey wine) is homemade and to die for!


M P.

I came here on a whim with my date since I live close by and I heard good reviews. While the restaurant was full and a small line waiting outside, the owner was very happy, smiling and greeted us. It wasn't long until he sat us down and made us feel comfortable. We ended up getting a veggie combo and a portion of lamb. I have to say that it wildly beat my expectations. Probably among one of the best ethnic food I've ever had (except Brazilian, but I may be biased). Highly recommend you try this place if you're looking for something delicious, nice environment and very friendly staff.


Sarah K.

This place is awesome!!! People are super nice.  Everything tastes so good. This is the best Ethiopian food me and my family have ever had.


Annie B.

(Reviewed from a vegetarian perspective).YES! I'm so happy this place is in my neighborhood!Having lived in Washington DC for five years, I got accustomed to amazing Ethiopian food. I was apprehensive about moving to Boston because the food scene in DC is so amazing. BUT, Blue Nile totally delivered for me!I got their vegetarian platter and it was great! A ton of food and so tasty. I got the Ayeb begomen and mitmita (Cottage cheese with hot seasoned cayenne pepper, collard greens and other seasonings served with side of Injera) as my appetizer. It was garlic-y and delightful!I got the three lentil/legume dishes (Misir Wet, Shiro Wot, Yekik Alicha) and all tasted very different from one another and were super yummy. I think the Yekik Alicha was my least favorite, just because the other two were much more heavily spiced, which I prefer. But, that's how Yekik Alicha is traditionally prepared, so the mild flavor was not a surprise.The Gomen Wet (collards) were on point and delightful (this is the only dish I like collards in).The Tikal Gomen (cabbage, potato, carrot dish) was pretty good, but not as awesome as my beloved DC places. The cabbage and carrots were cut a little thicker than I like and were not as buttery and savory as I've had before. I would still order it again though since it is one of my FAVORITE Ethiopian dishes.I don't see it on the online menu, but my favorite vegetable dish is the one with green beans and carrots. It was super on point and delicious here. if you see it, get it!All in all, excited to come back and eat everything!I came here alone after an evening workout (I was tired and craving Ethiopian) and it was a little awkward to get seated. They seemed confused that I would want to eat a meal alone and it took a while to get a table. But, once I was seated, the service was generally pretty good. They kept my water glass full, which I appreciated!

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