A quick favorite dinner: roast vegetables with Halloumi

Oven Vegetables with Halloumi | GourmetGuerilla.com Oven Vegetables are so common here - I could not believe it not yet landed here. But now it's really time!

The great thing about it: maximum delicious roasted vegetables with minimal effort. So a perfect dinner after a long day, which can be modified again and again according to season or refrigerator contents.

This is how a typical oven-baked evening goes by:

first 19:00: Leaving the office hectic because it's already way too late.

2. 19:10: Quickly bring past the vegetable man and spend a selection of vegetables in the basket, throw some herbs and garlic, pay. Miss the S-Bahn.

3. 19:45: Finally arrive at home, the child heart, the man smooch, wash hands, go to the kitchen, tie the apron (because of the office dress, ne) and find a free work surface. p>

4th 19:50: Fish the tin out of the oven, set the oven to 170 degrees, wash the vegetables and, depending on your mood, gently or violently cut them into pieces.

5th 19:55: Place the vegetables on the plate, mix with olive oil, garlic cloves, sea salt, pepper and dried herbs to taste for a short and painless mix and place in the oven. Door closed.

6. 19:58: Cut off the apron, open the rosé, fish a glass from the shelf, let ice cubes slide into the glass (such a nice sound) and with the glass into the living room hike. Watching KiKa with the child, sitting on a balcony, reading aloud, tidying up, bringing a child to bed ... or anything else that fits in 25 minutes.


7. 20:23: Go to the kitchen, take a look at the smelly vegetables, be happy, inhale the great scent and look for Halloumi in the fridge, which still has to be somewhere. Find Halloumi and unpack.

8. 20:25: Open the oven door, throw the Halloumi on the tin and switch on the grill. Wash herbs, chop and prepare in a bowl. Place plates and cutlery on a tray, add another glass of rosé.

9 . 20:30: Switch off the oven, remove the tin from the oven and spread the vegetables and cheese on plates, add the herb bowl. Carry into the living room and cuddle up on the couch with the plate on your stomach.


Ask for more rosé.

If you have a terrace like my girlfriend Vivien in Münster (where I recently spent some wonderful days again) and the temperature is right, you can of course also eat outside at the table. And drink champagne instead of rosé.

A quick favorite dinner: roast vegetables with Halloumi

A quick favorite dinner: roast vegetables with Halloumi

For vegetables, all types of vegetables are suitable for frying. Simply combine according to season, offer and mood. Zucchini, parpika, onions and mushrooms are usually with me. Then there are fennel and celery or aubergine and tomatoes.

Fresh unpeeled garlic tubers are also great in slices.Italian or French mixtures are suitable, e.g. very well. Olive oil used thoughtfully: The vegetables should be wet but not float in the oil.

A quick favorite dinner: roast vegetables with Halloumi

At the table, sprinkle some fresh chopped herbs on the plate and enjoy the great aroma ...

Now I'm hungry.

Tip # 1: Put the leftovers from the oven with some balsamic vinegar in a bowl and place in put the fridge. The next day you have great antipasti vegetables.

Tip # 2: Instead of halloumi, goat's cream cheese, goat's roll or a hefty Frenchman will love it Vegetables.

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