Easy-peasy 20-minute oatmeal bread with buttermilk. That could be smooth your 1st home-baked bread ...

W he is always, always, always the all-important Gretchenfrage The perfect dinner ? Naaaa? Exactly! "THE BREAD IS ALSO BAKED?"

The inclined viewer shrinks on the couch in front of Fremdscham and compassion again a few inches in itself. In fact, right before the third commercial break, he had to witness how the ambitious but slightly overwhelmed candidate in his kitchen made the most capital mistake, when he put a ready-made baguette in the oven. Oh, you had already seen the disaster coming. Since then all sous-vide cooked tranches of ochsenbäckchen and hours reduced Sößchen nothing more. The cook-affine spectator nation has meanwhile internalized: You can prepare your critical guests everything possible (yes, even pack the Maggi in the food and ready-sauces so far quite good) - but the bread must be home-baked. Point. There's no way around it.

And then the big slaughter begins on the screen: Inwardly, we experience, as the guests at the table at first glance, that the bread in crust and crumb clearly derived from the German industrial standard. A fellow combatant then speaks maliciously of the all-important question, ready to put the rival on the death penalty. "Is the bread baked too?" Embarrassing silence descends across the table. Depending on the personal disposition of the host, we now see facial colors pale, hear a pronounced brisk "" Well, no - I could not do that too. It's clear, no, hahaha. "Or - oh peak of all television enjoyment - a cheeky lie" Of course I baked the bread myself ". Also desperate references to the noble origin of the offered pastry (best organic baker in the place, Demeter standard, at midnight and full moon ground milled ancient wheat variety), rips here the mood rudder no longer rum. At the table, meaningful glances are exchanged and we suspect: Neenee, that will not matter anymore.

When holding up the scoreboards, the fingerprints on the badly polished glasses are weighed against the à point cooked meat. But that's just (script) banter. We know what's coming and going to happen. And rightly: The host is punished for his culinary derailment the hardest. The best of all off-speakers summarizes the result even for the late-added audience once again clearly and admonishingly: A 16-point supergrade due to the use of an industrial baguette.

So should you ever in the (? self-chosen) to be a candidate at The Perfect Dinner or simply fancy a home-baked bread without a dozen additives, here comes the simplest of all recipes (again from the Saveurs 5/2012 ) from the bread dilemma: knead 5 ingredients together, bake them for 20 minutes - and you'll have fresh, fragrant, delicious homemade bread.

You've never done it before? Then it will definitely be time for your 1st time.

Great: The ingredients are actually always in the house (and buttermilk you get in case of doubt also quickly s.besten well-stocked refueling). The dough does not have to go, but is simply mixed together with the hand mixer. Knead once again quickly with your hands, divide in two portions and off on the baking tray with it:

Great: After 20 minutes there are really two warm, deliciously fragrant and especially homemade loaves of bread in front of us.For extra flavor I added dried tomatoes and rosemary to my bread. Schwups - the Mediterranean bread is ready. Or how about some grated cheese and nuts? For example, if you like it sweet, add raisins or chopped dried fruit to the batter.

Here's the recipe for 2 small easy-peasy-20-minute oatmeal breads with buttermilk

Put the oven at 200 degrees Preheat 80g of oatmeal with 250g of flour , 5g of salt and 1 Mix/2 sachets of tartar cooking powder (or any other type) in a bowl.

Mix 250 ml of buttermilk with 1 tbsp of honey stir the dry ingredients.

For a Mediterranean touch, I have previously added 8 dried tomatoes and 2 sprigs of rosemary in the buttermilk and shredded briefly in the blender. So the aroma is distributed optimally in the dough. Dry additional ingredients such as raisins and nuts can also be mixed with the flour.

Mix the dough with the dough hook of the hand mixer or in the food processor for 2 minutes. Knead briefly with your hands (thank goodness, the dough does not stick!) And divide into two portions.

Form two small round loaves, cross them with a knife and possibly take care of a few oatmeal. Bake for 20 minutes on a sheet of baking paper .

Remove from the oven and allow to cool under a slightly damp kitchen towel. That's it.

Delicious with some butter and salt!