Laura's Star Pear Pops

V itamine and snacking - great sausage. If the so nonchalantly expressed promise of a well-known confectionery manufacturer would only really be true. But in contrast to the industrially produced vitamin candy variant, one can call his child really casually with these sweet pops "Take 2! Or quiet 3 or 4! "For that one not only gets stunned children's looks (hihi!) But can also cultivate the generous parents' side quite loosely and with a good conscience.

Is it really just that? Or do all guardians out there really want to give the spoilsport (please substitute alternatively by Oberverbieter or Vernunftsbolzen)? Just. By the way, that requires me to be parenting a lot more than expected: always be reasonable. But with the role model function can unfortunately not be dismissed out of hand. "Guess, you'd rather eat an apple or a pear ...", while you yourself are currently toying with the 6-pack Snickers in the kitchen cupboard. No. That's not the way it works.

That's why we made these great fruit pops today, which are not just exemplary, but also bring along the decisive pinch of sweets look: delicious pear with a hint of dark chocolate and a bit of colorful play on skewers. A lot of fun! Mummy was able to build a bit with the Playmobils, while the child - flashlight - found the perfect name for our little artworks: "Wow! That's Laura's star lollipops! "(@Greta: Thanks for the star-shaped cookie cutter for Christmas!). So the cute things are called "Laura's Star Pear Pops" from today on.

Incidentally, I was allowed to eat the small one without crumble.

 Laura's Star Pear Pops

And Here's how it works:

Cut 1 solid pear into about 1 cm thick slices. Immediately rub the pear slices on both sides with 1/2 lemon - this will prevent the unsightly discolouration. Then remove the housing using a nice cookie cutter, e.g. a star. Place the pear slices on kitchen crepe

1 bar of dark chocolate (60% or 70% cocoa content) in a small bowl Melt over the water bath . Allow to cool briefly.

Carefully place the pear slices on skewers and dip into the chocolate with a corner. Drain and let the chocolate dry a bit. For the skewers, for example put over a bowl. Finally, decorate with sugar sprinkles of your choice or natural deco trimmings (see tip below). Let it dry until the chocolate is firm.

Laura's Star Pear Pops

Tip: Instead of pears, apples and any other semi-solid fruit can be processed into pops. Those who do not want to resort to commercial sugar sprinkles with artificial dyes simply use very small chopped dried berries, other dried fruit or nuts as decoration.