{Raw & Summer} Fresh Zucchini Lemon Soup and the 2nd edition of Slowly veggie!

J uhuuu! Slowly veggie! - the new title for delicious vegetarian and vegan cuisine from Burda - is now with a new edition in the trade. I was very delighted when I suddenly and unexpectedly found the second issue at a station kiosk. Mine! Immediately! Everything I liked the first time is back: nice recipes, large format photos and a clear, modern layout. In addition, editorial coverage has been expanded; We meet different people who are involved in cooking and get to know their philosophy and recipes.


While leafing through, I was immediately stuck to this recipe: fresh zucchini and lemon soup. The preparation lasts 5 minutes. Since the ingredients are uncooked - ie raw - used, all nutrients and vitamins are largely retained. The soup is served cold and is very refreshing in summer. I can also imagine very small shot glasses with the soup at a (flying) buffet or as a component of a starter selection.

 Zucchini & Lemon Soup #recipe #gourmetguerilla #raw #supper

Here's the recipe for 4 servings:

Wash 3 small zucchini , peel and cut into pieces. Wash, clean and cut 1 spring onion into rings. Squeeze out 1 1/2 lemons - it should give 60 ml of juice. Zucchini and onion with lemon juice, 250 ml of cold water , 1 teaspoon black rock salt (or normal) and 20 ml agave syrup (1 good tbsp) in Add the blender and puree until the soup has a fine texture. Then pour 100 ml of olive oil in a fine stream and mix well.

The original recipe plans to pass the soup through a fine sieve. I simply saved this step. This leaves the soup a bit thicker, but it also retains all the plant fibers.

Let the soup soak in the fridge and perhaps season with salt before serving. in soup bowls or glasses and sprinkle with olive oil , finely chopped dill and black pepper (the dill is not in stock) Picture, since the man outside of cucumber salad is not very affine).

Very refreshing and delicious!

 Pink Star

Fresh Zucchini & Lemon Soup