{Restemania & Freischnauzekochen} False shashlik pan with camouflage

shashlik pan with vegetable camouflaged #rezept #gourmetguerilla Oh Hömma - sun nice, juicy mixed pan with yummy Hack, rota Sose and chopped vegetables is wat fine. My Ruhr area soul shines through kuaz, no. It can not only really warm up for strong, simple food but basically for swallowed letters in and at words. And for free-skinned cooking. Hach.

In the absence of a correct name, I baptized the sturdy work of art simply a shish kebab. At some point, the boys always ask "What's up today?" And I can not really recommend the truthful answer "Hack and fridge of Christmas in sauce with half a pack Nachos". For reasons. Shashlik pan, on the other hand, sounds like something respectable. If you want, you can also sliced ​​vegetables, salad, cheese (or whatever else needs so away) nonchalant group to do so.

The Hack, pepper, leek, a carrot rest and onions have positively cuddly definitely in the spicy sauce. So cuddly that I hereby officially book the wrong shashlik pan as veritable and delicious leftovers. On top of that, the vegetables behaved so ingeniously inconspicuous that Captain Chaos even wanted to lick the plate. Understand one of these elementary school tots! Once the vegetables are served separately from the rest ... Whaaaaaa! Poison! Pest! Cholera! But hardly is it messed up in a pan - supermom. Of course, you can not get plate-picking (just for the record).

By the way, this heart-warming dish can also be made from well-planned and seasonally sourced ingredients - that's ok, you do not have to be ashamed.

shashlik pan with vegetable camouflaged #rezept #gourmetguerilla

And here comes the recipe for 4 people:

2 medium onions peel and cut into rings. Heat in a large pan 2 tablespoons of olive oil and fry the onions over medium heat. Then add 600 g ground beef and divide into coarse crumbs. 1 heaping tablespoons shashlik spice * (without flavors and flavor enhancers) and 1 tsp sweet paprika and 2 tsp salt pollinate and to roast without turning until the meat is browned on the underside.

* For homemade shashlik spice 3 tablespoons sweet pepper with 1TL onion powder, celery powder, turmeric, DIll, allspice, thyme and 1/Mix 2 tsp of ground laurel leaves. If available, grind the mixture very finely in a mortar or in a grinder.

In the meantime clean 4 yellow pepper and cut into bite sized pieces. Cut 1 leek (white & green) into rings. Turn the hack and spread the vegetables on it. Fry briefly. Put 1 can (400 g) chopped tomatoes in the pan. Dissolve 4 large tablespoons of tomato paste in 1/2 cup water and place in the pan. Stir about once and leave to simmer for 20 minutes on a low flame. If necessary, season with salt and pepper . To fit any type of salad, vegetable strips, rice, potatoes or cooked cereals. But the best is a New Year's Eve left over, bagged Nachos. In real.

Shish kebab with camouflaged vegetables #recipe #gourmet guerrilla